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Greeting Nick from Sedona! We shared a table at the AuthorU Extravaganza. When I asked Judith to recommend an expert in book design and formatting, she suggested I contact you. We are preparing to publish our initial series of titles for Solving Life’s Ultimate Success Puzzles and are seeking quotes (and ideally a strategic alliance partner) to help us get them in print. The main title with about 60,000 words is Solving Life’s Ultimate Success Puzzles. It is designed to help readers discover for themselves which of the other titles that each address one topic or successful living skills will be most relevant and immediately valuable to them personally. The other 13 stand-alone titles are between 30,000 and 35,000 words. The content on this web page presents the larger Strategic Marketecture of our cause-oriented companies and affiliated non-profit organizations that we will utilize to help ensure the success of our publications and programs based on the content.  Would you be open to a brief conversation to explore a possible mutually beneficial strategic relationship between your company and our Collaborative Publishing Network?  Thank you! Charles Betterton  928-554-4715  [email protected]

Strategic Marketecture™

For 16 interactive programs in the Ultimate Destiny Success System

The non-profit University for Successful Living and affiliated Collaborative Infopreneurship Network are preparing to publish the Ultimate Destiny Success System. It provides tools and resources for Solving Life’s Ultimate Success Puzzles  in 12 major areas of fulfilling one’s “Ultimate Destiny” (whatever that means to each individual). The 12 major facets or pieces of the Ultimate Success Puzzle and the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award recipients (whose content and resources are featured in our Ultimate Destinyland™ programs) were identified over a two year period by participants in our online quizzes. This page was developed to demonstrate the Strategic Marketecture we are establishing of cause-oriented companies and affiliated non-profit organizations and our strategies for ensuring the ultimate success of our programs.  We are seeking additional partners, cofounders, revenue share participants, resource providers, sponsors and potentially future equity investors.  Our ultimate vision is a fully accredited international University with local Centers for Successful Living world-wide that  help Expand the Circle of Success
and generate greater individual and collective capacities for  Solving Global Social, Economic and Environmental Ultimate Success Puzzles

Primary Publications and Programs in the Ultimate Destiny Success System™


Supplemental Publications, Programs and Resources from Ultimate Destiny


Each program in the Ultimate Destiny Success System includes: a web site, Facebook Page and Group, Pinterest board, an ebook,  print book, a CD ROM, free introductory articles, quizzes, 111 to 225 pages of self-assessments, discovery exercises, application exercises, Featured Resources, an Empowerment Journal, follow up implementation tools, free bonuses, ezines, teleseminars, evergreen webinars, live events including seminars, workshops and playshops, and access to University for Successful Living coaching and mentoring, affiliate programs, training-of-trainers certification, and priority consideration for licensing and franchising opportunities.   Every digital and print book, program, product and service provided participants in Ultimate Destinyland™  (which includes our for-profit Ultimate Destiny Network, Inc. and our affiliated non-profit Ultimate Destiny University) is designed to: (1) Provide valuable and meaningful content; (2) Develop lasting trusted relationships; and (3) Cross promote all of our other programs, products and services and those from the Strategic Marketecture™ Members including Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award recipients and the 101+ affiliate programs we feature and endorse.

Supplemental Publications, Programs and Resources from Ultimate Destiny Land™


Other Supplemental Publications and Programs from Affiliated Organizations


Primary Cause-Oriented Companies and Affiliated Non-Profit Organizations


Examples of Shared Vision Statements


Love Cooperation by Holmes - Strategic Marketecture
Dalai Lama Quote - Strategic Marketecture
Ernest Holmes Quote - Strategic Marketecture
Buckminster Fuller Quote - Strategic Marketecture

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